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  • Easy Differentiation Between Saltwater And Fresh Water Trolling Motors

    Tolling motors for freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing are two commonly heard terms for us which is use during fishing. They may be common terms, but few are aware of the differences existing between the two. We need to have a good idea on the differences lying between a saltwater and a freshwater trolling motor so that we know the ideal place to use them. They can prove to be useful only if used in the right place.saltwater trolling motor for your boat

    The differences existing between saltwater trolling motors and fresh water Trolling Motors:

    There are certain prominent differences between trolling motors to be used in saltwater and fresh water. Depending on the differed features their uses are determined. Differences one needs to understand are as below-

    1.    The very first primary difference among two different motors is their anode with a sacrificial nature. This anode is a small metallic tab, placed at the bottom of the motors. The anode is the most important feature responsible for the performance and durability of the motors. The anode places in the salt water based motors need to coated and covered in order to avoid rusting. When a motor is placed in saltwater, the anode is exposed to a collusive environment and hence tends to get rusted. Once covered the same can be prevented. On the other hand, fresh water motors are free from rusting, so don’t require any kind of cover or coating.

    2.    The second difference lies in the distinct mode of operation related to each motor. The freshwater ones are normally operated manually. This clears the fact that while working effectively with freshwater motor one needs to operate with hand and foot for better control. A manual handling aids with better performance and control. The saltwater motors are easier to use, and since no manual intervention is needed, one can let the motor work on its own and do other works. But a freshwater motor requires a lot of attention. The design of the motors in freshwater boats is freshwater trolling motor for your boatsuch that they don’t require navigation effort even if they are handled manually.

    3.    Another difference which is distinct is the mounting of each type of motors. The mounting style of fresh water motor varies from the mounting of saltwater. There are two types of mounting – the transom type mount and the bow type mount. The mounting style varies based on the kind of work they are meant to do. A bow mounted motor is beneficial because of the provision of easy access to various elements. Using a transom motor ensures that the boat has more space in it and better performance. How you plan to use your motor, whether in fresh water or in saltwater, the activity the motor performs determines the mount requirement.

    4.    The last difference lies in the cost of a fresh water motor and a saltwater motor. Considering the care and cost of making involved the saltwater trolling motors are generally costlier in nature.